Bintelli Street Legal Electric Golf Cart Dealer in North Carolina.

Why Choose us as Your Bintelli Street Legal Electric Golf Cart Dealer?

Licensed Manufacturer for Street Legal LSVs in North Carolina.

GreenGo Buggies has been building golf carts since 2010. We began in our home shop as a family owned business , in 2016, GreenGo Buggies became a National Certified Low Speed Vehicle Manufacturer. GreenGo Buggies quickly realized that quality in most manufacturers builds were of low quality and somewhat poor customer service. GreenGo Buggies decided to bring back, USA manufactured, quality LSV’s to the market at reasonable prices. Our customer referrals are our main source of advertising as well as maintaining a sense of service to our customers. GreenGo Buggies will exceed our customer’s expectations on every build, that we will never compromise.

Why Choose Bintelli Street Legal Electric Golf Carts?

Bintelli vehicles are designed to handle a wide range of environments and purposes. Whether you’re exploring a serene residential neighborhood or cruising around a bustling resort, our electric golf carts are up to the task.

Bintelli is synonymous with quality and reliability. You can trust that you’re investing in a vehicle that’s built to last, providing you with years of worry-free use. Bintelli Electric Vehicles offers the best selection of eco-friendly, cost-effective golf carts and street-legal golf carts. Discover the joy of exploring your next adventure on and off the road with the highest quality fully loaded rides on the market!

Craftsmanship and Quality

We are a national low speed vehicle manufacturer that hand builds, frame up, quality low speed vehicles that are unlike anything on the market, starting with all aluminum frames, USA manufactured bodies, tops, seats, lift kits, heavy duty rear leaf suspension, lighting, most of our parts are made right here in NC!
GreenGo Buggies proudly stands behind every vehicle we manufacturer with a full manufacturers warranty **see dealer for details** GreenGo Buggies offers a no mark up nationwide full 4 year extended warranty through EWG,
(pricing varies depending on plan chosen)
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