How to make a golf cart street legal in North Carolina

To make a golf cart street legal in North Carolina, you need to comply with the state’s specific regulations and requirements. Below is an overview of the key steps and requirements:

Licensing and Insurance:

You must have a valid driver’s license to operate a street-legal golf cart. Obtain liability insurance coverage for the golf cart. The insurance must meet the state’s minimum requirements.

Inspection and Certification:

Your golf cart must undergo a safety inspection by an authorized inspection station, like GreenGo Buggies. This inspection ensures that the golf cart meets the required safety standards, including lighting and safety equipment.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN):

Golf Carts typically do not come with VIN’s, but serial numbers. To convert your golf cart to a low-speed vehicle (LSV), its essential to comply with specific regulations and implement modifications. After securing a VIN number from a manufacturer, like GreenGo Buggies, you can register your cart. GreenGo Buggies will guide you through this conversion process and provide the necessary documentation for registering your LSV with the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV).

Registering the Golf Cart:

You will need to provide all the necessary documents you received from the manufacturer when you purchased your cart or received your VIN. Pay the appropriate registration fees.

Follow Local Regulations:

Check with your local city or county for any additional regulations or restrictions regarding the use of golf carts on public roads. Local jurisdictions may have specific rules governing golf cart operation.

Operator Requirements:

Ensure that the operator of the golf cart is of legal driving age and holds a valid driver’s license.

Operational Rules:

Obey all traffic laws and regulations when operating the golf cart on public roads. Keep to roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less, as street-legal golf carts are typically not allowed on faster roads It’s important to note that the requirements for making a golf cart street legal can vary by location and may change over time. Therefore, it’s advisable to check with the North Carolina DMV and your local authorities for the most up-to-date information and specific regulations in your area. Additionally, consider consulting with an attorney or a professional who specializes in vehicle regulations to ensure full compliance.