Customize your Golf Cart with GreenGo Buggies

Customize your Golf Cart with GreenGo Buggies

Golf Cart Customization

Discover Top-Notch Golf Cart Customization at GreenGo Buggies

Golf Cart CustomizationWhen it comes to customizing your golf cart, GreenGo Buggies has got you covered. With a wide range of options and accessories, you can personalize your golf cart to suit your style and needs. From lighting and seating to body styles and wheels, GreenGo Buggies offers everything you need to make your golf cart truly unique.

Operating in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia

GreenGo Buggies specializes in the sale of trailers and the provision of street-legal Low-Speed Vehicles. We have the capability and commitment to convert your privately owned or business-owned golf cart into a legally compliant Low-Speed Street Vehicle. Our all-encompassing services encompass hassle-free pickup and delivery for a range of electric models, including GreenGo Buggies LSV, electric Club Car precedents, and DS models.

Explore Our Range of Golf Cart Customization Options


Illuminate your golf cart with our top-notch lighting options. From underbody lighting to LED lighting headlights, you can create a stunning visual effect that will turn heads on the golf course. Enjoy your rounds even after sunset with the enhanced visibility provided by GreenGo Buggies’ lighting solutions.


Upgrade your golf cart’s seating for a more comfortable and luxurious experience. GreenGo Buggies offers a variety of seating options, including plush cushions, ergonomic designs, and customizable materials. Sit back and relax while enjoying a smooth ride around the golf course.

Color Body:

Make a statement with a custom color body for your golf cart. GreenGo Buggies provides a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from, allowing you to showcase your unique style and personality. Stand out from the crowd with a golf cart that reflects your individuality.

Body Styles:

Want to give your golf cart a distinct look? GreenGo Buggies offers various body styles to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a classic design or a more modern aesthetic, our range of body styles ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your golf cart.

Wheels – Rims – Tires:

Enhance both the appearance and performance of your golf cart with our selection of wheels, rims, and tires. Choose from different designs and sizes to create a customized look that matches your style. GreenGo Buggies’ high-quality wheels, rims, and tires will ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride on any terrain.

Underbody Lighting:

Take your golf cart customization to the next level with underbody lighting. GreenGo Buggies offers a range of options to add a touch of flair to the underside of your golf cart. Create a captivating glow that will make your golf cart the center of attention wherever you go.

Roy Pow: Lithium Pack:

Upgrade your golf cart’s power source with the Roy Pow: Lithium Pack. This advanced lithium battery technology provides longer run times, faster charging, and increased durability. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and enjoy more time on the golf course with GreenGo Buggies’ reliable lithium pack.

Safety Bar SEE-MEE BAR:

Safety is a top priority, and GreenGo Buggies ensures that you can enjoy a safe ride with our SEE-MEE BAR. This innovative safety bar provides increased visibility, making your golf cart more noticeable to others on the course. Stay safe while cruising around in style.

Street Legal:

Looking to take your golf cart on public roads? GreenGo Buggies offers street-legal customization options that comply with all necessary regulations. Enjoy the freedom of riding your golf cart beyond the golf course and explore your surroundings with ease.

Personalized Logos:

Add a touch of personalization to your golf cart with custom logos. GreenGo Buggies provides the option to add your name, initials, or any other personalized design to make your golf cart truly one-of-a-kind. Show off your unique style and make a statement with a customized logo.

Golf Cart Customization – FAQs

Are These Customization Options Available For All Golf Cart Models?

Our customization options are compatible with most golf cart models, but it’s always best to consult our team to confirm compatibility.

Contact Us Today and learn more! 

Can you convert our personally-owned or company-owned golf cart to an LSV?

Most likely yes, within a few days depending on part availability. Contact Us Today and learn more! 

How Long Does The Installation Process Take?

The installation time will vary depending on the specific customizations requested. Our team will provide an estimated timeframe during the consultation. 

What Are The Benefits Of Golf Cart Customization With Greengo Buggies?

  • Enhanced aesthetics and personalization.
  • Improved visibility and safety features.
  • Increased comfort and luxury.
  • Extended battery life and performance.
  • Versatility to use on and off the golf course.
  • Individuality and uniqueness through personalized logos.

Golf Cart Customization Resources:

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GreenGo Buggies provides adults with the opportunity to transform Golf Cart Customization, into high-performance machines. From lighting to seating, body styles to wheels and tires, our Golf Cart Customization options allow you to create a golf cart that reflects your unique style and preferences. With enhanced safety features, improved aesthetics, and the option to go street legal, there’s no limit to the possibilities. Take your golf cart to the next level with GreenGo Buggies and elevate your golfing experience like never before.


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