The Triads Golf Cart Dealer & Street Legal Golf Cart Licensed Manufacturer

The Triads Golf Cart Dealer & Street Legal Golf Cart Licensed Manufacturer

Licensed Manufacturer

Are you ready to enhance your golf cart experience? Look no further than GreenGo Buggies, your premier Triad Golf Cart Dealer and Street Legal Golf Cart Licensed Manufacturer! Operating in the regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, GreenGo Buggies stands out as the go-to destination for all your golf cart needs.

GreenGo Buggies will convert your personally owned or commercially owned golf carts to a Low-Speed Street Legal Vehicle. We offer full service with pickup and delivery on every electric GreenGo Buggies LSV, electric club car precedents, and DS models.

Golf Cart Dealer & Street Legal Golf Cart Licensed Manufacturer

Converting Your Golf Cart into a Street Legal Marvel

At GreenGo Buggies, we’re not just a golf cart dealer – we’re also a licensed manufacturer of street-legal low-speed vehicles (LSVs). Whether you own a golf cart for personal enjoyment or use it commercially, we can convert it into a fully compliant low-speed street vehicle. Our full-service approach includes convenient pickup and delivery, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

Quality Craftsmanship and Custom Designs

What sets GreenGo Buggies apart is our commitment to quality craftsmanship. As a national low-speed vehicle Licensed Manufacturer, we hand-build our vehicles from the ground up. Starting with all-aluminum frames, USA-manufactured bodies, tops, seats, lift kits, heavy-duty rear leaf suspension, and lighting, our low-speed vehicles are unlike anything else on the market. Most of our parts are proudly made in North Carolina.

Passionate Owners and Innovative Designs

Our owners and staff are not just experts; they are passionate about our buggies. We love working with customers to bring their specific designs and creative ideas to life. If you have a vision for your custom golf cart, we are here to turn it into a reality. As a Licensed Manufacturer, Our specialty lies in creating unique and personalized low-speed vehicles that stand out from the crowd.

Safety Upgrades for Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount at GreenGo Buggies. We offer NC safety inspections on your street-legal golf carts, ensuring that your vehicle meets all safety standards. Upgrade your cart’s safety with features like all-LED lighting, rear “See Me” stop, turn, and running light bar. Our USA-made front grill-mounted amber lighting enhances safety and visibility, setting us apart as your local NC custom golf cart dealer.

Beyond Golf Carts: Our Partnerships

Bintelli Electric Vehicle Dealer

GreenGo Buggies is proud to be a Bintelli Electric Vehicles dealer in North Carolina. Bintelli offers a fantastic selection of eco-friendly, cost-effective golf carts and street-legal vehicles. Explore the joy of exploring your next adventure both on and off the road with Bintelli’s highest quality fully loaded rides. 

Kodiak Electric Vehicle Dealer

Choose GreenGo Buggies as your Kodiak Electric Vehicle Dealer in North Carolina. Kodiak Electric Vehicles offers solutions for personal use on the golf course and fleet vehicles for businesses and communities. Known for sustainability, reliability, and comfort, Kodiak Electric Vehicles are a top choice for consumers and businesses alike.

HuntVe Electric & Hybrid-Electric 4×4 UTV Dealer

Looking for off-road excitement? Choose GreenGo Buggies as your HuntVe Electric & Hybrid-Electric 4×4 UTV Dealer in North Carolina. The HuntVe 4×4 line offers the highest quality and proven performance year after year. Don’t settle for less; experience the durability and power of HuntVe.

Licensed Manufacturer – FAQs

Can Greengo Buggies Convert My Existing Golf Cart Into A Street-Legal Low-Speed Vehicle?

Yes! We specialize in converting personally owned or commercially owned golf carts into fully compliant low-speed street-legal vehicles. Contact us for a seamless conversion experience. – 

What Makes Greengo Buggies’ Low-Speed Vehicles Unique?

Our low-speed vehicles are hand-built with all-aluminum frames, USA-Licensed Manufacturer components, and personalized designs. We take pride in offering quality craftsmanship that goes beyond standard golf carts.

Explore our unique low-speed vehicles. Visit our showroom or call us for a personalized consultation. – (336) 420-0973

Do You Offer Safety Inspections For Street-Legal Golf Carts?

Absolutely! As a Licensed Manufacturer, we provide NC safety inspections for street-legal golf carts. Ensure your cart meets safety standards and upgrade with features like all-LED lighting for peace of mind.

What Customization Options Are Available For My Low-Speed Vehicle?

We thrive on creative designs! Our team enjoys working with customers to bring their specific designs and creative ideas to life. Let’s collaborate to customize your low-speed vehicle to match your vision. Ready for a one-of-a-kind low-speed vehicle? Contact us to discuss your customization ideas. – (336) 420-0973

Licensed Manufacturer – Resources

Contact GreenGo Buggies Today!

Whether you’re in the market for a street-legal golf cart, a custom low-speed vehicle, a Licensed Manufacturer, or an off-road UTV, GreenGo Buggies has you covered. We are open to the public, and our showroom is ready for you to explore. Call us now or visit us in person to find your new custom street-legal low-speed vehicle, golf cart, utility vehicle, trailer, or rental cart.  – 

GreenGo Buggies is your ultimate destination for all things on and off the road! 


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